What is The Disc Golf Box Company?

-The Disc Golf Box Company, offers one time, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly disc golf subscription boxes. Each month you will receive disc's and other items to help improve your disc golf game or simply show your passion for the sport.

"Our purpose is to introduce new brands, products and designs to players all over the world by connecting them to the companies, designers and people that share the same passion for Growing Our Sport."


What companies do you work with?

-Since we started in July of 2015, we have been fortunate enough to partner with over 60 different disc golf related companies most of which are entrepreneurs and people just like us. Small, nimble, customer focused. These are the type of brands we like to work with. We also work directly with some of the largest brands in Disc Golf, like Dynamic Discs, Gateway Discs, Millennium Discs, and Dare Devil just to name a few.


What will I get in my Box?

-Aside from premium quality discs you will receive Exclusive Gear from our DGBXCoalition Contributors and Original Coalition Gear from us such as, T Shirts, water bottles, towels and so much more each cycle.



- custom stamped minis and stash minis

- portable phone chargers

- extra discs

- t shirts

- coupons to disc golf retailers


-dri fit shirts

- and so much more!


 Shipping Info


When can I expect my box?

or in other words...



-Boxes are purchased as a prepaid item and ship via USPS.

-We stop accepting orders for the following month on the 24th of each month. This is known as our cutoff date. Orders placed on the 25th or later will be fulfilled on the next fulfillment cycle.



-If I order on January 14th  (10 DAYS before the cut off date)  I can expect my box on or before the first full week of February.


-If I order on January 28th  (4 DAYS after the cut off date)  I can expect my box on or before the first full week of March.


We ship All boxes out on or around the first Full week of each month. In some instances it can take a month or longer to receive your first box making the first month you subscribe the longest waiting period, which sucks... we get that. The good news though, is that after the first month everything is automatic. We will re bill your PayPal account or credit card 30, 60, or 90 days after the initial purchase on the month before your cycle, and ship so your package arrives on or before the first Full Week of each month. Full Week meaning the first week that starts on a Monday.


What if I want my package sooner?

-We are working on an instant delivery model and will keep you posted as we progress but as of now we ship all orders out at the beginning of the month to ensure they arrive on, or before the first full week of each month.


Do you guys ship Internationally?

-Technically... yes. However shipping is $30 dollars a cycle, and that is currently our cheapest option. Also there is no tracking info available after it leaves the country. Not cool we know but other wise that would make shipping triple the price.  If you decide to take that route, we recommend you get a bi monthly cycle so it's a bit easier on the wallet and we've been known to hook our international Tribe members up ;) Also, we're working with shipping companies worldwide to figure out how to get the best rates and should be rolling out an international shipping option soon.

How do I update my Shipping Information?

-Upon check out you will be asked to enter in your current shipping info. We are working on a login portal so that you will be able to make changes to your account and will make a major announcement once complete.  As long as you do it before our cut off date (the 24th), we'll get you taken care of no problems. Please keep in mind that if we do not receive your shipping address change by the cut off date, and then proceed to deliver your box to your old address, we will No Longer accept responsibility of sending a replacement box as we have no way of knowing 100% for sure if your box was never received. We will however be happy to assist with any claims you may have to file with the shipping carrier. Also, in some instances boxes have to be re-weighed and additional postage added. In this case if you as the member decide to pay for the additional postage The Disc Golf Box Company will Not reimburse the member for those additional charges.


Refunds and Cancellations


Can I return items if I am not happy with them? 

-If you are not happy with the quality of your items, meaning items are broken, chipped, or torn etc. we will do our part to make it right as long as we receive pictures and a descriptive email within 24 hours of you receiving your product. However, if you just don't like the way your disc throws, or don't like the color of your koozie, we encourage you to do your part in helping to grow the sport by giving it to someone that might like it :)


I decided that I no longer want my box next month but I already paid for it, can I get a refund?

-Yes. Refunds take 5-7 business days as is the norm with financial institutions. Just let us know via email what you'd like to do as far as cancelling completely and/or just skipping a cycle. Also a reason is not necessary but it always helps, that way we can work on it, especially if there is something specific we did to make you want a refund versus just a money issue.


How do I cancel my subscription?


Go Here.

And follow the instructions.

Or just shoot us a quick email and we'll take care of it.





How does billing work?

-If you found us and signed up through CrateJoy then we will re bill you on the 15th of each month.

-If you signed up for the subscription service on this site, then we will re bill 30, 60, or 90 days after your first payment based on your subscription cycle.



 Donations and Sponsorships


I'm running a tournament, do you guys do anything in the way of sponsorship's or donations for tournaments?

-Absolutely! Now we're still in our growth stages so we're not able to just ship out boxes and prizes to you at the drop of a hat, however we have created a Sponsorship package to add to your events. We will create flyers/coupons with a discount to our boxes for you to add to player's packs or give to friends and family And we'll create some even larger discounts for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of your events, for each tier! Our 1st place winner discounts are usually at or above 35% off! That's a deal and a half! Shoot us a quick email to learn more. Also if we receive an email from you or your club/organization and it sounds like you didn't even read this section, that's kind of a big red flag for us if you know what we mean.


I'm seeking donations for my cause! What can you donate and when can you send it?

-We are still a smaller company so we have to stay selective when it comes to donations because quite honestly, we're still figuring out the tax write off piece of it all and until we do, it costs us a lot. Once we do figure it out though we'll be more flexible in that regard. In the meantime though shoot us an email and share your story, even if we can't necessarily donate money or prizes, we will do our best to promote your cause on Social Media and get some more eyes on your efforts! We're always willing to give you write up or share your story with our Tribe Members! Also if we receive an email from you or your club/organization and it sounds like you didn't even read this section, that's kind of a big red flag for us if you know what we mean.

 Become an Un Boxer or Coalition Contributor


I want to join the DGBXCoalition and become an Un Boxer and or otherwise promote you guys on my Vlog/Blog how do I do that?

-Awesome! We love unboxers and working with new people! A couple things before you shoot us an email asking if you can get on our list though.

a) We already have a list of unboxers scheduled until the middle of 2017, so there is nearly a one year wait to become an unboxer.

b) We primarily work with niche bloggers in the disc golf community and high volume subscription box bloggers. If you're outside of either of these groups chances are we will politely say no.

If you're cool with all that shoot us an email!


I want to join the DGBXCoaltion and become a Box Contributor and get my gear, design or products in the hands of over 100 members monthly and growing! How do I do that?

-Welcome!! We love featuring new items and companies in our boxes! It's our whole purpose for existing!! To introduce your brand to people worldwide! Let us help you spread the word about your disc golf company! Here's all we ask.

a) Allow us to buy apparel or gear from you at your wholesale rate with no minimums attached.


b) Have open and honest communication with us throughout the process as our boxes are on a deadline each and every month so quick responses are necessary (plus it's just good business!)


c) We have a one year waiting list on Box Contributors, but always accept small donations like stickers, minis, markers , wristbands etc if you just want to show off your brand alongside another and don't mind not being featured as the main Box Contributor for that month.


We've designed our business model so that it's a Win, Win, Win. The Contributors Win because it's free marketing for them, the only thing they are out is their wholesale cost. It's a Win for the customer for obvious reasons, and it's a win for us because it keeps our cost to fill boxes at a workable margin so we can keep re investing into growing our subscriber base which means more people seeing your product! In the near future we want to be known as the place where disc golfers all over the world can come and look for a brand they really like and not have to scour the web to find it. Kind of like a disc golf shop with all brands under one roof. That's still in the works but it is definitely coming.  Want more info? Drop us a line in our inbox and thanks for checking us out!!