About Us

Hey there!

Thanks for reading this! and thanks for your support!

What started as a simple desire to get cool disc golf gear for ourselves has quickly turned into a full scale operation in product sourcing, relationship building with our members and contributors, logistics coordination and time management.

We work hard to connect with all of the major Disc Golf brands you know and love and a lot of the ones you have never heard of to bring you quality products, designs, and discs each month. We understand that not every disc golfer has the immediate need for a subscription box, especially if you play tournaments regularly or are a traveling pro, but we also understand that there is a growing market and demand for Disc Golf news, gear and subscriptions services that cater to the beginners, as well as the people who may not live in a major Disc Golf market like Dallas, TX.


In short, if your closest Disc Golf shop is 45 minutes away and only carries one or two brands then this is the perfect set up for you. Or if you're looking for a gift for a loved one, this is the perfect solution too. Or if you are a touring pro and love the idea of supporting not only our small business, but also all of the small businesses we include in our boxes then this subscription is right up your alley! We allow you to pick your weights, desired brands, and are very open to requests if you want to try something specific or get a replacement for something you may have lost. Just shoot us an email and we'll hook you up on your next cycle.